Building cooperation at all levels of governmental public health

Joint Council

The officers of ASTHO and the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) comprise the Joint Council. It was established to improve the effectiveness of governmental public health and accomplishes its purpose by working to enhance the capacity for cooperative problem solving and systems development at the administrative and executive levels of local, state and federal public health organizations.

The Principles were adopted by the Joint Council in February 2000. Policy development activities conducted at federal, state, and local levels include the development of plans, priorities, statutes, ordinances, resource allocation discussions, and program requirements (including operational and fiscal accountability policies). As policy is developed at one level of government with implications for other levels of government, it is important to avoid unintended policy conflicts while assuring that the policy will achieve intended outcomes. These principles, are intended to promote effective policy development at the interfaces of state and local public health departments.