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Data Stewards Package: Building Data Partnerships to Improve Health

State health agencies are entrusted with the responsibility of communicating and building relationships with data stewards for participation in the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network. In your communication efforts it is important to help data stewards understand environmental public health tracking, and to show data stewards the opportunities and benefits participation can bring.

First developed in 2008, the data steward package has been upgraded to a web resource guide where you can digitally download resources, best practices, and information to help you build relationships and form partnerships with data stewards. Explore the options available below and check back often for additional tools and resources designed to assist your efforts in acquiring tracking-related data and forming lasting partnerships with respective data stewards. Materials can be used individually or together as a “Benefits Package” to supplement your current data steward outreach efforts.

Data Benefits

From increased visibility to increased efficiency, data stewards will benefit from a partnership with the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network. Help data stewards understand the benefits of partnering with your program and participating in the Tracking Network by accessing the information below.

The Tracking Network and Data Needs

Learn about the Tracking Network and the importance of data steward outreach. Read more »


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