Member Services


About ASTHO Member Services

In addition to serving the 59 state and territorial health officials, ASTHO supports other state health agency staff and is always ready to assist each agency in any capacity.

For State and Territorial Health Officials

The ASTHO Leadership Institute (ALI): a year-long, cohort-based leadership development program designed to enhance the success of new state and territorial health officials (S/THOs). In partnership with experts in executive leadership development, nationally recognized public health leaders, and experienced S/THOs, ALI offers a customized learning program which includes opportunities for:

  • self-assessment
  • development of knowledge and skills through intensive retreats
  • access to a learning management system with on-demand tools and information
  • executive coaching
  • formal mentorship by experienced S/THOs

Networking and Regional Engagement: ASTHO holds bi-weekly All-S/THO calls to provide updates on current and upcoming priorities, inviting federal and national partners to provide guidance to support health agency leaders and staff. In addition, ASTHO regularly hosts regional virtual convenings with health officials and HHS Regional Health Administrators.

Annual Hill Day: ASTHO hosts an annual Hill Day to help members meet with their members of Congress and provides end-to-end support from scheduling, training, materials for meetings and if necessary, accompaniment for meetings. ASTHO supports members in arranging agency site visits as appropriate and continually works with policymakers to ensure that state public health's voice is heard.

Technical Assistance: ASTHO provides technical assistance to members, their leadership teams, and partners on issues of public health policy and practice. In addition to responding to requests from states, territories, and partners, ASTHO proactively assists members with capacity building tools, learning experiences and site visits on broad ranging issues, such as accreditation, preparedness, and chronic disease prevention. Technical assistance provision ranges from phone consultation and development of products, to comprehensive site visits by appropriate expert staff, members, or partners.

News and Communications: ASTHO regularly provides policy and program services through newsletters, publications, podcasts, webinars, sharing of best and model practices, and more. ASTHO policy committees provide strategic direction for these programs.

Online Communities: ASTHO hosts an online community and discussion platform called my.ASTHO. All agency staff have access to this platform, and members of peer networks, and learning communities have access to communities in support of those efforts. Request more information about my.ASTHO.

Other Agency Staff

All state and territorial health agency staff members are eligible to participate in open ASTHO meetings. In addition, ASTHO provides peer networking, professional development and technical assistance to other agency staff including:

  • Senior Deputies (staff considered second in command to the health official)
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Directors of Public Health Preparedness
  • Environmental Health Directors
  • Minority Health and Health Equity Directors
  • Human Resource (HR)/Workforce Development Directors
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Primary Care Office Directors
  • Public Health Lawyers
  • State Legislative Liaisons
  • Accreditation Coordinators
  • Informatics Directors
  • Tobacco Control Network
  • Primary Care Officers