Heart Disease and Stroke


ASTHO-CDC Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Learning Collaborative Culminating Meeting

Meeting Overview and Graphic Recording

On July 30-31, 2018, ASTHO and CDC hosted state, territorial, and tribal teams from the ASTHO/CDC Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Learning Collaborative for a culminating meeting. The collaborative spanned five years, engaging 30 jurisdictions in testing innovative models to prevent heart disease and stroke prevention through systems changes and a quality improvement process. The purpose of the meeting was to identify and highlight the successes and challenges within the systems-level approaches states are innovatively using to prevent, detect, and treat hypertension. Sixty-two people from 19 jurisdictions, five partners, ASTHO staff, and CDC staff attended the meeting in Atlanta, GA at the CDC Roybal Campus. View the meeting summary report for more information. 

Alongside the presentations and plenary sessions, Lisa Nelson from See in Colors graphically recorded the high-level concepts in real time. See the graphics below or view all the graphics in this downloadable PDF.

Systems Change for Improved Health Outcomes

Systems Change for Improved Health Outcomes Infographic
To open the meeting, Letitia Presley-Cantrell from the CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention set the tone during her plenary on systems change. The presentation focused on quality improvement and how these projects prompted changes to processes and procedures to improve health outcomes among people with hypertension.

Rapid Project Presentations

Project Presentations 1 Infographic
Project Presentations 2 Infographic
On the first day, each jurisdictional team delivered a rapid project presentation unlike any other presentation they had given before. In seven minutes, teams were asked to tell the story of their heart disease and stroke prevention project successes and lessons learned. Possible topics to highlight included how they used data to tell their story, what they accomplished through collaborative efforts, and how protocols or resources developed improved hypertension care systems.
CNMI Infographic
The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) presentation was combined with their data spotlight on the second day due to travel delays.

Where We've Been: ASTHO Evaluation Report

Where We've Been Infographic
To close the first day, Karl Ensign and Emily Peterman from ASTHO’s Performance Improvement, Research and Evaluation team displayed the progress among all 30 learning collaborative jurisdictions. The presentation focused on how the data and projects evolved over time, including workflows, Tools for Change, and program reach from Year 1 through Year 5. Additionally, the PIRE team solicited feedback from jurisdictions for successes, needs, and areas of improvement for future activities.

Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership Infographic
On the second day, Tanisa Foxworth Adimu from the Georgia Health Policy Center spoke about the key tenets of, and framework for, adaptive leadership. The presentation focused on how leaders can adapt and adjust their programs alongside funding and leadership changes.

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