Accreditation and Performance

Accreditation and Performance

ASTHO is dedicated to increasing state health agency capacity to improve the performance and quality of the public health system. ASTHO does this by providing technical assistance and resources to states in the areas of accreditation preparation, national performance standards assessment, and quality improvement.

Program Areas

Public Health Accreditation Board Voluntary Accreditation

Resources and guidance to help states prepare and apply for accreditation

The National Public Health Performance Standards

Newly released Version 3.0 Instrument and supporting materials to complete a state level system assessment

Performance Management and Quality Improvement

Current QI initiatives, resources, and links to national quality programs

Technical Assistance

State and Territory Public Health Systems Improvement Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Project

Accreditation Readiness and Performance Improvement Technical Assistance (TA) to States

Accreditation Support Initiative (ASI), Territorial Health Agencies


Tools Clearinghouse

Case Studies, Toolkits, Peer Networks, Newsletters

ASTHO Accreditation Library

Repository of Example Accreditation Documentation from States