The ASTHO Immunization Project functions as a liaison between the states and the federal government, ensuring that state perspectives are recognized in the implementation of federal policy and programs and that states are informed about national policy initiatives, programs, and other activities.

Immunization Infrastructure

The availability of safe and effective immunizations plays a vital role in the control and prevention of infectious disease. Read more »

Building Community Action Teams: A Framework for Improving Influenza Immunization Uptake

Building Community Action Teams A Framework for Improving Influenza Immunization Uptake

Collaboration and communication between public health agencies and the communities they serve is imperative to promote, improve, and maintain health for all. The formation of community action teams has become increasingly prevalent as an effective way to address health barriers and issues within a community. This framework was created to assist health agencies in the development and utilization of community action teams to strengthen community partnerships and improve influenza immunization uptake and other public health outcomes.

For additional information, see the ASTHOReport: Improving Influenza Immunization Uptake Through Community Partnerships.

Immunization Information Systems Factsheets

ASTHO, in collaboration with HealthTech Solutions and CDC, and with input from ONC and CMS, developed technical factsheets for state health agencies interested in learning, assessing, and applying for 90/10, 75/25, or 50/50 Medicaid match funding opportunities. The fact sheets are based on the most current information available as of June 2018. For further information, please visit CDC’s Meaningful Use and Immunization Information Systems website.

Identifying And Vaccinating Uninsured Adults - Strategies and Practices

The Identifying and Vaccinating Uninsured Adults guide was created to assist state and local immunization programs and their partners in identifying and vaccinating uninsured and underinsured adults. This guide includes strategies, practices, and resources from thirteen selected state immunization programs and their partners that have implemented activities or programs to improve access to vaccines for vulnerable adult populations.

Immunization Resource Guide

ASTHO Immunization Resource Guide This Immunization Resource Guide was created to collect innovative best practices and information to help our members and partners consider potential methods to increase access to vaccines and rates of vaccination.

Vaccine Safety Communication Resources

Browse and download audience-tested advertising templates your health agency can use to promote vaccination in your state -- free of charge!

The ads were developed in conjunction with ASTHO's report on vaccine communication, Communicating Effectively About Vaccines. The results of this survey suggest that pediatricians, public health officials and the CDC are seen as reliable sources of information on vaccine issues.

Immunization Legislation

View legislative summaries from previous sessions.