Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease

Building sound public health infectious disease control programs requires developing and implementing science-based policies, programs, and infrastructure for preventing infectious disease morbidity and mortality; control of outbreaks and vigilance against diminishing diseases; and prevention and response to reemerging and emerging infectious disease threats. Risk factors associated with such external drivers as globalization of commerce and transportation and climate change must also be taken into account.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the world's most pressing public health problems. State health agency roles in addressing antimicrobial resistance include preventing infections and protecting patients across the healthcare system, tracking resistance (surveillance), and improving antimicrobial prescribing and use (stewardship). Read more »

At-Risk Populations

Some individuals are at increased risk of severe consequences during an influenza pandemic and may need special assistance to maintain basic medical care, as well as access to food and shelter. Project staff are currently working with health departments to refine and implement the planning recommendations. Read more »

Global Health

Growing migration, coupled with global climate change, have expanded the variety, range, and incidence of infectious diseases in the United States at a time of rising healthcare costs and shrinking state and local budgets. In addition, each year in the United States, thousands of refugees are resettled without access to proven preventive health measures, leading to health disparities. Read more » 

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)

This project tracks state healthcare-associated infection laws and regulations, and promotes sound public policy to reduce the incidence of HAIs. Read more »


ASTHO supports members in providing cross-program leadership, developing and advocating for sound policies, and promoting efficient use of resources to prevent and control viral hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, STD, and TB. Read more »


ASTHO's Infrastructure project aims to increase awareness of and support for our members' critical infectious disease infrastructure programs. Read more »

Pandemic Influenza

ASTHO strives to improve pandemic preparedness among its members and to create a strong public health system that can respond to a pandemic. Read more »