ASTHO’s tobacco control program serves as a resource on perspectives, capacities, challenges and opportunities to implement state-based tobacco control and prevention initiatives. The overarching goals of this program are to enhance the capacity of state health agency tobacco prevention programs to improve tobacco-related polices and practice; foster environmental, cultural and systems change; and serve as a resource to ASTHO members on tobacco-related initiatives. Read ASTHO's position statement on tobacco.

ASTHO Tobacco Written Resources and Materials

ASTHO has published a number of written materials on tobacco control and prevention, including state success stories, issue briefs, case studies, and comprehensive guides. To view ASTHO’s full library of tobacco resources, please visit our tobacco written resources and materials page »

E-Cigarettes and Vaping

ASTHO compiled e-cigarette and vaping resources to assist state and territorial health officials with messaging and to provide timely information regarding recent trends. View our e-cigarettes and vaping page »

ASTHO created a searchable database for state public health leaders that includes research articles, media stories, factsheets, legislation, litigation, and other materials related to e-cigarettes and vaping. View ASTHO’s E-cigarettes and Vaping Resource Library »

State Tobacco Policy Tracking

ASTHO's State Health Policy team tracks and analyzes legislation across the states to identify trends and emerging issues impacting public health and state health agencies. Topics include menthol in cigarettes, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, and the regulation of e-cigarettes, cigars, “little cigars,” hookah, and other tobacco products. Read more about tobacco regulations »

ASTHO conducted scans of three tobacco control policy areas in 2016. The following policy scan reports offer a snapshot of state level tobacco control policies and the policy landscape across the country.

ASTHO Tobacco Webinars and Podcasts

To view recordings, slides, and supporting resources from past ASTHO webinars and podcasts about tobacco control, visit the tobacco webinars and podcasts page »

Tobacco Issues Forum

The Tobacco Issues Forum (TIF) is a workgroup led by ASTHO, currently co-chaired by Dr. Greg Holzman (MT) and Amy Winter (MS) under the guidance of our Community Health and Prevention Policy Committee and comprised of members and staff from key affiliate and partner organizations. The group serves as an opportunity to share tobacco control activities and resources, identify opportunities to speak in a collective voice, and examine the overall picture of tobacco prevention and control in the states. Learn more »

Tobacco Control Network

Tobacco Control Network The Tobacco Control Network (TCN) is an ASTHO peer network comprised of the tobacco control program managers and additional staff from each U.S. state and territorial health agency and the health department of the District of Columbia. This wide representation allows the TCN to access a wealth of expertise and experience from across the country. TCN is focused on raising the primacy of tobacco control in all state health agencies and fostering collaboration and communication among state and territorial programs. Read more »

State and Territorial Tobacco Control Strategic Plans

ASTHO’s State and Territory Tobacco Control Strategic Plans Tobacco Map will connect you to each available state and territory Tobacco Control Strategic Plan to see what steps your state is taking to reach their tobacco control goals.

Related Projects and Resources

Tobacco and the National Prevention Strategy Tobacco and the National Prevention Strategy
The National Prevention Strategy provides evidence-based recommendations for 4 Strategic Directions and 7 Priority Areas. ASTHO has developed an online toolkit with resources intended to help state and territorial governments implement the recommendations in the NPS, including one focused on "Tobacco Free Living." Visit the ASTHO NPS page to learn more »
Tips for talking to your patients about quitting smoking

States Supporting CDC's Tips from Former Smokers Campaign
Support the implementation of a CDC Tips from Former SmokersTM campaign initiative called Talk with Your Doctor, ASTHO collected samples of letters that were written to local medical societies and chapters of healthcare organizations within States and Territories, along with accompanying materials.

See What Others Are Doing
ASTHO has also compiled a list of additional background information, recommendations, datasets, and other resources regarding tobacco. These external links provide additional guidance and research about tobacco issues relevant to states. Read more »