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ASTHO's Public Health Awards

ASTHO's Public Health Awards program is a chance for the public health community to nominate outstanding professionals and programs at the national and state levels and recognize colleagues for their achievements, dedication, and service to the field of public health. Award descriptions appear below.

The ASTHO Nominations, Awards and Membership (NAM) Committee makes final determinations of all ASTHO sponsored award recipients. Winners are announced at ASTHO's Annual Meeting.

Please reach out to ASTHO directly with any questions or requests for additional information.

This year's Public Health Awards have been suspended. 
We look forward to resuming the awards and celebrating outstanding professional and programmatic public health achievements with you in 2022.

Swearingen Award

Since 1979, the Noble J. Swearingen Award, named for a former Executive Director of ASTHO, has been bestowed on one individual in public health administration who has five or more years of experience in a state or territorial health agency and five or more years in service to ASTHO.

The deadline for submitting nominations has passed.

Vision Awards

The ASTHO Vision Awards are presented annually to recognize outstanding state and territorial health department programs or initiatives that demonstrate creative and innovative approaches to address public health needs or challenges. The Vision Awards promote awareness and provide peer recognition to successful state and territorial health programs.

ASTHO presents Vision Awards in two categories: programs with budgets greater than $250,000 and programs with budgets less than $250,000. Applications are judged by experts and leaders in state public health based on innovation, program effectiveness, and potential for replication.

The deadline for submitting applications has passed.  

Ed Thompson Lifetime Achievement Medal for Sustained Leadership in Public Health

This award was established in 2013 to honor the late F.E. "Ed" Thompson, a former Mississippi state health official affectionately called the “medical statesman.” Dr. Thompson’s distinguished career spanned three decades during which he served in leadership roles in multiple levels of government and worked in academia to prepare a new generation of future public health leaders. The Thompson award is one of the highest honors bestowed by the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO). The Thompson medal acknowledges the lifetime achievement of a national public health leader whose career marks an important legacy in the advancement of public health for the nation.

The deadline for submitting nominations has passed.

McCormack Award

Established in 1950 to honor the late Arthur T. McCormack, a Kentucky State Health Official, the McCormack Award is presented each year to a current, or in some cases, a former, public health official who has served in public health for at least ten years, been a chief state or territorial health official for at least five years, demonstrated excellence and has made a significant contribution to the knowledge and practice of the field.

The deadline for submitting nominations has passed.

Excellence in Public Health Award

Occasionally, the association presents its Excellence in Public Health Award to recognize outstanding service on behalf of the public health community. Traditionally the award is presented in two categories, national and state/territory, and is for outstanding national leadership in promoting health and preventing disease as an alternative to more costly payments for sickness and illness.

The deadline for submitting nominations has passed.  

Alumni Award

ASTHO's Alumni Award is presented to a former chief state or territorial health official who has demonstrated his/her continued commitment to public health.

The deadline for submitting nominations has passed.  

Partner Award

The Partner Award, established in 2018, recognizes contributions of a partner that furthers the mission of ASTHO, such as financial support, support to states/territories, and/or other significant partnership and collaboration.

The deadline for submitting nominations has passed.