Public Health Law

Public Health Law Workgroup

With support from CDC, ASTHO has established a Public Health Law Workgroup. This group consists of eight state health agency attorneys who serve as experts that can assess issues, discuss legal strategies, and provide real time technical assistance on important legal questions, such as those arising out of emergencies. The group will serve as a resource to legal counsel who seek best practices and advice from a multi-jurisdictional perspective. The workgroup meets monthly via conference call and hold one in-person meeting per year.  If there is a legal issue you wish to bring to the attention of the workgroup please notify ASTHO.

Public Health Law Workgroup Members:

  • Mayra Maldonado Colon, Director, Legal Affairs Office, Department of Health (PR)
  • Holly Mitchell Dellenbaugh, Senior Attorney, Bureau of House Counsel, Div. of Legal Affairs, Dept. of Health (NY)
  • Zain Farooqui, Associate General Counsel, Department of Public Health (GA)
  • Arden Fritz, Legal Affairs Coordinator, Department of Health (MN)
  • Darrell Klein, Assistant Agency Counsel, Department of Health & Human Services (NE)
  • Robin Kurz, Special Counsel, Department of Health, Office of Attorney General (VA)
  • Donald Maisch, General Counsel, Department of Health (OK)
  • Shannon O'Fallon, Senior Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice (OR)