State Levers for Change


State Levers for Change

Tools and examples for state leaders to address early elective delivery.


This section houses resources to identify and engage stakeholders in addressing early elective delivery at all levels; articulate the human and business cases for change to engage legislators, advocates, providers, and public health agencies; identify and secure funding; and establish structure for interventions.  Read more » 

Increasing Capacity/Systems of Care

This section houses tools, approaches, and training on engaging intervention stakeholders who can help address early elective delivery. Tools are also provided on using the lifecourse model, standards, and guidelines to improve quality, outcomes, and standards of care and to coordinate and integrate systems.  Read more »

Partnerships and Collaborations/Community Engagement

Resources in this section help states to identify, engage, and secure community involvement in addressing early elective delivery through advisory groups and community partners (e.g., perinatal collaboratives) to include and prioritize the family and community voice for enhanced coordination between communities and agencies.  Read more »


Resources to help states develop, adapt, and coordinate consistent, strategic messaging related to addressing early elective delivery and distribute it through public education and social media at the federal, state, and community level.  Read more »


Data resources to help states identify data elements and acquire data for benchmarking while addressing early elective delivery; use data to support feedback for improvement; and identify best practices and innovations.  Read more »