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Financing the Future of Public Health

December 01, 2021

A strong public health infrastructure is required at the national, state, territorial, and local levels to carry out critical programs and respond to emergencies. How can states move from a reactive approach of ad hoc crisis funding to a proactive investment in nimble, cross-cutting systems? How are states that are undergoing public health transformations positioned to leverage new funding for core priorities like data modernization?

In our latest episode, Dr. Steven Stack (Commissioner, Kentucky Department for Public Health) and Janet Hamilton (Executive Director, CSTE) share the latest insights from the field. They address short and long-term needs that public health departments must consider as they create the next generation of public health infrastructure—from laboratories to workforce development, to community partnerships, data systems, administrative readiness, and more. Together, building this infrastructure can be the rising tide that lifts all services across the public health system.

Show Notes


  • Steven Stack, MD, Commissioner, Kentucky Department for Public Health
  • Janet Hamilton, MPH, Executive Director, Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists